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  • What Body Part are You?  Components of an Organization

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     Sometimes I think we confuse ourselves, striving to emulate our superiors, or presenting ourselves in the same manner as our peers, to ensure a thriving company culture. I believe this mindset, where we should all be functioning with the same style (and sometimes approach), couldn’t be further from the truth. A machine requires multiple, uniquely individual […]

  • Don’t Forget Your “Thank You” Letter

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      When you interview for a Restaurant Manager, or Chef, position, most likely, the interviewers are meeting with numerous candidates to find the “right fit” for their job opening.  There are specific skills they are looking for, in the ideal candidate, that are tailored for the job at hand.  However, all interviewers are looking for […]

  • 12 Tips to Bring Out the Inner HeadHunter in You

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    The historic act of headhunting is quite disturbing, yet fascinating. The literal practice of taking and preserving a person’s head after killing them, has advanced from ancient times to the 21st century.  Figuratively, the aggressive nature of the word has carried over to the modern day recruiting industry.  In our culture, today a headhunter relates […]

  • Restaurant Workers Deserve More Pay, Says Survey


    One of the key narratives in the restaurant world over the past year has been an increased focus on workers’ rights. Restaurant employees scored big settlements in tip-skimming lawsuits against restaurateurs such as Mario Batali and Eric Ripert, and fought tooth-and-nail for better pay from fast-food conglomerates, even as a few restaurant executives threatened to […]