Dear No Call/ No Show,

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Dear No Call/ No Show,

After our discussion of the management position at hand, you expressed a genuine interest in meeting with my client. You confirmed this professional meeting and were provided with interview coaching, as well as interview details including the phone number.

So, here is where my struggle comes in. You confirmed this interview for a leadership role. Then, you didn’t show up at the scheduled time, nor did you provide my client or myself the respect of a simple courtesy call.

A true leader leads by example. As a “professional” and a “leader” in the industry, it is imperative to show accountability and regard for others. How can we expect our Indians to follow suit when their Chief doesn’t even show up for the most important part of the interview process? First impressions are lasting, whether positive or negative.

Ok, so life happens. Things get in the way. Unexpected occurrences present themselves. I get it! My clients get it. We are not emotionless machines. In such situations, we have no issue rescheduling when the management candidate calls. It shows a mutual respect for our valuable time and efforts.

The hospitality industry is extensive, but it is extremely tight knit and composed of transitional positions. We are very well connected and when someone is a “No Call/ No Show” for an interview, it puts a foul taste in our mouths. At that point, some companies/people may make the executive decision to blacklist you. That list doesn’t stop there. It carries on with people as they transition into different companies and roles throughout their career. I have seen this self-inflicted demise of leaders. Those former Chiefs are now Indians.

The choice is simple, and it is all yours. Man-up (or woman-up) and call if you can’t make an interview or sit down and take direction from the true leaders.


Hospitality Management Recruiter

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