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Jody Dugan – President

Jane Coogan Phillips – Recruiting Manager

Rena Mohammed – Recruiting Manager

Megan Dugan – Office Manager


Your Bridge to Career Success ®   

Dugan Staffing Solutions was founded in 1997. In 2006, Jody Dugan acquired the company, incorporated it, and expanded Dugan Staffing Solutions, Inc. nationally.

We are a nationwide boutique recruitment firm that assists executive and management professionals in various industries in their career search while maintaining a successful partnership with our highly esteemed clients. Industries include Hospitality (Restaurants, Hotels, and Family Entertainment), Retail/ Retail Food/ Grocery/Supermarket, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Human Resources, Aviation/ Aerospace, and much more.

Mission, Vision, and Values:

At Dugan Staffing Solutions, Inc. we strive to achieve our goals with a clear, driven purpose through our mission statement, vision, and core values. We accomplish this by adapting to the changing needs of the market and our clients to set everyone up for success.

We connect professional candidates, who are searching for a job opportunity, to our partner companies by building a bridge to provide a successful and lasting partnership.

Our Mission Statement:

To serve as a reliable bridge connecting professionals to rewarding career opportunities while enhancing the success of our clients.

Our Vision:

To cultivate meaningful partnerships between job seekers and businesses in an ethical, trustworthy, compassionate, and reliable manner.

We guide and coach candidates throughout the job search process from the first contact, offering education about companies and positions, interviewing, and negotiating offers, to onboarding. We fulfill the needs of our client partners by connecting them with ideal candidates to create a successful professional marriage.

Our Core Values:


We believe integrity is the foundation of running a successful business. It is one of our guiding principles at Dugan Staffing Solutions, Inc. and we feel it is one of the important qualities that make us shine. We interact with our clients and candidates with an open, honest, genuine demeanor. We stay true to the words we speak and keep our clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart.


We extend our clients and candidates with the utmost respect and feel it is important to have that mutual respect in return to offer a mature, healthy business partnership. We believe in valuing our clients and candidates and holding them in high regard. We treat them with dignity and the utmost respect, and actively listen to their professional desires and needs.


We believe that trust and transparency are essential qualities for any operation to function effectively and to build lasting business relationships. Our company culture is based on trustworthiness, and we build a sense of mutual trust by fostering partnerships with our clients and candidates.


We are not a Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm company. We work hard at consistently pursuing our goals and overcoming obstacles to reach our goals and succeed with our firm as well as our clients and candidates.


Reliability and responsibility are fundamental beliefs at Dugan Staffing Solutions, Inc. We set attainable goals and tasks and master them. We have stellar follow-through on our commitment and take ownership of our actions, words, and professional work.

Client Testimonials…

Jody Dugan is a pleasure to work with at all times.  Her experience in screening talent is second to none.  Her follow through and work ethic are phenomenal.  We have hired many people through Dugan Staffing Solutions and will continue to do so.  I highly recommend Jody and her team for any restaurant search.  Jody is simply outstanding.
CEO, Fast Casual Restaurant

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