Area Director, Corporate Dining Restaurants

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I have the pleasure of joining a great company and it is all because of the great works of Jody from Dugan Staffing Solutions, Inc. I can remember it just like yesterday, sitting in my office and receiving the call of a lifetime. She spoke with such professionalism and enthusiasm that she had me at “Hello.”

Jody was very knowledgeable about the company and the concept and was ready to answer any questions that I had for her. The fact that she checked in so frequently let me know that she was invested in me as a person, and the success of my future career. It’s not often that you speak to people who are actually invested in what, and who, you become.

As I embarked into this process, I encounter a few hurdles and Jody never gave up on the situation. Jody made it her business to keep in contact with the company, as well as myself to ensure that I was on track to complete my job search.

I can honestly say that Jody has made a difference in my life. If it had not been for that phone conversation that afternoon, I would not be here smiling as I am typing this letter. If you are in search of a career, and someone who invests the time to gather your strengths and match you perfectly with the best choices that are for YOU, this is the best place to be. Jody has proven that this is not just a job to her but a passion and she will not give you 50% but 150%. Thank you Jody for being such a blessing to me and my family. You have put me in the best position to grow and fulfill all of my career goals and dreams. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

This was just a snippet of what a great influence you have been in my life and how much I appreciate you for what you have done for me!

Area Director, Corporate Dining Restaurants

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