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I had just relocated to the area from Upstate New York. I have been working with the Dugan Staffing Solutions (DSS) for a couple of weeks after just moving here. I found it hard trying to find employment in the management field not knowing the area and not knowing any of the companies in this areas background. I starting working with Jody from Dugan Staffing Solutions and have nothing to say but a lot of thank you’s and praise. She was very informative and worked with me to make sure that the companies I interviewed with, were the right fit for me. I am employed with one of them now. She took the time to get to know me and see what would be good matches for me. I feel that this agency has a lot to offer an employer and an employee to make it a success on both ends of the work force. Thank you again Jody and Dugan Staffing Solutions.
Assistant Manager, Family Style Restaurant